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We have set out to create healthy but simple, functional and effective products, used daily.

Our main ingredient was created by nature 200 million years ago, harnessed by DEOGUARD® to become essential part of healthy body care. No miracles. Just natural and essential oils, butters and minerals formulated to seamlessly support everyday hectic and demanding lifestyles. 

All our ingredients are sourced from sustainable and environmentally friendly source, products are rigorously evaluated and tested, awarded certificates of compliance with current hypoallergenic and effectiveness regulations and laws. 

Cruelty FREE
Sustainable and environmental friendly
Botanical Natural, Bio or Organic origins
Made with love in GMP facility
No toxic chemicals
No Talc
No Parabens
No Phthalates
No Aluminum Chlorhydrate or Alum
No petrochemical ingredients
No animal byproducts